'git remote update' not updating

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Jason Vas Dias
created an issue

Good day -

It appears that the remote server that responds to a local

$ git update remote

is NOT providing an up-to-date list of commits.

I am trying to maintain an up-to-date local
copy of a Bit Bucket git:



This is a paid-for repository for my JCI work.

But the problem is, after I 'git remote update',
recent commits are NOT fetched to my local 
copy - eg. as shown by this script log created
today (2018-12-04):


$ cd nfmihandhygiene_corefw/
$ git remote update
Fetching origin
$ echo $?
$ git log --oneline | head -2
3e4bca2 ...
cf0649d ...

But this 'git remote update'ed repository is NOT up-to-date!

When I then do:


$ cd /tmp
$ git clone 'https://bitbucket.org/garageard/nfmihandhygiene_corefw'
$ cd nfmihandhygiene_corefw
$ git log --oneline | head -10 | sed -r 's/[[:space:]].*$//'
6f507ae ...
800b7f8 ...
63706dc ...
3e4bca2 ...
cf0649d ...

So the newly cloned copy has gained 3 commits
that the 'git remote update'-ed copy cannot see.

Why is this ?

This really makes Bit Bucket's GIT server
unusable for us - we need to see new commits
getting fetched when a 'git update remote' is done.

Unless this bug is fixed, I'll have to move our
GITs onto another platform that works
properly (eg. github).

Please fix!

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