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We are receiving a 503 on all requests sent to our Build machine.

We have whitelisted the IPs mentioned in this article: https://confluence.atlassian.com/bitbucket/what-are-the-bitbucket-cloud-ip-addresses-i-should-use-to-configure-my-corporate-firewall-343343385.html

(for hooks like POST)

When we open the machine to allow all traffic it works. Different IPs appear to being used.

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  1. Sergio Jovani


    We are experiencing same issue. To solve it, we have whitelisted following IPs:


    The linked page by @cbaumcratz does not mention that IPs.

    Please, Bitbucket, update official documentation or use the right IPs.



  2. Former user Account Deleted reporter

    @Sergio Jovani the IPs i saw come in were:

    My concern is these are not documented and does Atlassian even know this is happening?

  3. Sergio Jovani

    I guess they are using range for outbound connections. This range is defined as "(Since July 28, 2018) IPv4 inbound for bitbucket.org, api.bitbucket.org, and altssh.bitbucket.org".

    I think the best is to whitelist all IP ranges in the document to avoid that the firewall blocks some requests.

  4. Zach Wade

    Thanks for the help. Is this a bug on Bitbucket's end, or should we be prepared for these IP addresses to change again in the future? (directed @ bitbucket staff)

  5. Sergio Jovani

    In order to ensure all IP used by Bitbucket are whitelisted in our firewall I had to add the following IPs and ranges to the inclusion list in the firewall:

    I hope this helps.


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