Gitflow Workflow unable to merge hotfix/ and/or release/ pull-request to both master and develop

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Robert Gonzalez
created an issue

A problem I am facing and a problem I am seeing others face is the inability for a 'hotfix/' branch to be merged to master and develop branches. I have seen many an unanswered StackOverflow question about this same issue.

Many companies, including my own, use the git-flow or GitFlow WorkFlow (Atlassian Documentation). This requires that a hotfix is created based on the master branch and be merged back into the master and develop branch.

Atlassian documentation on the matter alludes that this feature exists. See, Making a Pull Request - Tutorial, specifically the section titled: "Gitflow Workflow With Pull Requests". It describes exactly, and correctly, how the workflow should work. I can not find this feature anywhere in bitbucket.

If it exists and I can not find the feature - I apologize, please point me in the right direction.

Otherwise, a more succinct version of my request is:

  • When a branch is prefixed with either of the following prefixes it should be merged to master and then develop branch.
    • hotfix/
    • release/
  • Should only happen if you have the branching workflow enabled for your repository

Please feel free to reach out to me with any other questions.