Default Source View - Branch/Tag Options (BB-799)

Issue #1772 resolved
Rune Bromer created an issue

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I think it would be useful to be able to specify what default view users get when entering source view. By default it shows the tip, regardless of what branch it is on, which is generally not what I want. I branch to try things out, and share the branches using bitbucket, but the version for "general consumption" should be the latest revision of default. It would be nice if I could specify Tip or a specific named Tag/Branch to be the default view.

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  1. Eliot Lash

    Bump! I would also really like this feature... currently my source view switches back and forth between branches depending on the tip which seems really inconsistent for visitors to my repository page.

  2. Massimo Santini

    This would absolutely be a major improvement. People often land on the sources page and tracking the tip can be quite confusing. If you can't make it configurable with a small effort, at least let the sources page refer to the default branch by default.

  3. Narsimham Chelluri

    Also would enjoy this functionality. I came from git where I like many branches, but want only default for a stable user base.

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