REQUEST: Allow Read/Write access keys for a single repo and/or project

Issue #17758 new
Anthony Somerset
created an issue


Right now you can add SSH keys in 3 ways:

  1. as an ssh key under your account, you get relevant read/write access depending on the group/user access permissions defined for repo's and projects
  2. as an ssh key under an organisation/team - this gets read/write access to all repo's under the team/org
  3. as an access-key under a specific repo - this grants ONLY read access to that repo

It would be great for the following possible additional options

4 . create an ssh key under an org/team but with read only permissions

5 . create an ssh key under a repo that also has write access to the repo

option 4 might be useful for external build systems that may need access to multiple BB repos

Option 5 might be useful for remote systems that automatically push back changes (e.g. rancid or similar automated tools/scripts)

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