Issue Tracker: Ability to scale or resize inline image

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Mark Cerezo
staff created an issue

Currently, there are some users who are using Bitbucket cloud issue tracker with HiDPI images for collaboration.

It would be best if we can have the ability to "Scale" and/or "Resize" HiDPI or any types of images when uploading from Issue tracker.

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  1. Urs Braem

    This can be reproduced by uploading any cmd-ctrl-shift-4 screenshot from a "retina" mac. There are two sides to this:

    • screenshots of smaller parts appear too big

    Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-14 um 16.43.05.png

    • the large image size uses too much bandwith (=slow) and your server space

    Ah I see, it's a Dupe of #12877 (also #14409 and maybe others)

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