Fair pipelines pricing for sole developers

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Caleb Cushing
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So I thought when I attached my card for overage minutes, that if I bought 1000 minutes I would have 1000 till I ran out, turns out this is not accurate. I would like an extra minutes plan where the minutes roll over (I didn't think we had to talk about roll over minutes anymore :/ ). See I'm the sole developer on a lot of my code, so I don't need to give someone else access, and usually if I go over 50 minutes it's only maybe up to 70 minutes, and some months I won't do anything at all. I think 1000 minutes for $10 is a good deal, but not if it's use 'em or lose em, 'cause then it's $120 a year for only a few minutes over. I've removed my payment details for now, because of this. I would be happy to pay $10 for 1000 minutes that roll over though.

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  1. Aneita Yang staff
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    Hi @Caleb Cushing,

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out and for the suggestion. We really value our customers' feedback and I can see why paying for additional minutes which don't roll over can be frustrating.

    Pipelines pricing is something that we'll likely look into in the new year, and we'll make sure to consider your request when we look at it in more detail.

  2. Caleb Cushing reporter

    Thanks, I want to reiterate though that this isn't just or so much about roll over, for example if minutes didn't have to roll over but I could buy them 100 at a time for $1, and thus my cap would look closer to $12 a year instead of maybe hitting $120, or if I had 0 free minutes per year but I could buy 1000 to use as needed for $10. Point is I'm trying to keep my hobbyist programming price point at a minimum, but I'm happy to pay for what little I use. Also worth mentioning that keeping me happy is likely to propagate into larger business, as I do make recommendations for at least 3 separate organizations.

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