Getting more information about what caused a NET_ERR status in a webhook is not possible in bitbucket cloud

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Alex Taylor
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I have a bitbucket Cloud repository that I want to send trigger notifications to Jenkins on for New and updated PRs. This webhook should work(it works in other bitbucket cloud accounts and it works against other Jenkins instances) but in my current bitbucket cloud account it throws a NET_ERR. This error is not very informative and I do not know where in the webhook triggering the connection is breaking down because there is not any sort of stacktrace or specific error message. I am not sure if this is just a HTTP error and I am not getting the details or if this is an UnknownHost error.

Surrounding data:

  1. Jenkins does not receive this webhook because it does not trigger anything in the logs

  2. The ELB where this Jenkins instance is routed through does not get the request

My request:
Allow more information when triggering a webhook within Bitbucket Cloud

(By the way I work for CloudBees and this is a customers instance we are trying to troubleshoot)

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  1. Alex Taylor reporter

    Thanks very much for resolving this issue, but it is more related to being able to find that information out easily going forward. I was hoping that the NET_ERR status would actually show information such as "request was rejected" rather than an arbitrary error status.

    Is that not possible?

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