Unable to add reviewers on pull requests (public repository / forked repository)

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Jesse Yowell
staff created an issue

If we could update the "add reviewers" input field logic so that it allows you to type a full username and add that person as a reviewer (as I'm able to do in the "default reviewers" input field)

It'd be great if the search kept refining itself as I typed, allowing me to actually select the user I want without typing out the full name. I understand that this is a bigger ask, though I'd argue still quite doable.

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  1. Kate Alpert

    My hunch is that Bitbucket has some logic that limits the number of potential matches, and as you continue typing, it doesn't properly update the list (only narrowing from the limited number of original matches). The workaround is to refresh the page (if you've typed in the "add reviewers" input field) and then copy-paste the full username into the field, but what a pain.

    They've implemented some sort of fix for the "default reviewers" input field: you can at least enter the full username to add that user (though the search still doesn't refine properly). But it seems like they should be able to fix the search logic so that the search is properly refined as you type.

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