Initial Bitbucket Pipelines configuration for golang contains mistakes

Issue #17821 open
Daniel Dudek
created an issue

The initial Bitbucket Pipelines configuration which is available from has some blocking mistakes which won't allow to proper get packages, build and run unit tests for golang.

The first problem is with added "\" before each variable (i.e.: \${GOPATH} or \${BITBUCKET_REPO_OWNER} - should be ${GOPATH} and ${BITBUCKET_REPO_OWNER}. After this fix the second issue will be raised if the developer created sub-folders (which is probably the case for every repo) i.e.:

root ---
-------- example1
----------- main.go
-------- example2
----------- main.go
----------- main_test.go

To fix this issue it is needed to add ./... for all three go commands at the end of the script (go get -v, go build -v and go test -v should be go get -v ./..., go build -v ./... and go test -v ./...).

This fixes allow to proper execute the build on Pipelines for golang.

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