Users that have an active SourceTree license are not able to delete their Atlassian account and Bitbucket Accounts

Issue #17856 resolved
Yana Bazulina
staff created an issue

If the user has a free SourceTree license associated with their email address, when they try to delete their Atlassian account associated with the same email adress, hey will be presented with the message : "You can't delete your account

Your account can't be deleted because:

  • This account is the primary billing contact for one or more products.
  • This account is a technical contact for one or more products."

Our team is currently working on addressing this issue and we will update this public issue as soon as this is deployed.

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  1. Yana Bazulina staff reporter

    Our team has resolved this issue and it's been pushed to production. Users should be able to close their accounts. Please get in touch with Support team if you experience any other issues.

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