Merging a pull-request without specifying a body overwrites close_source_branch value

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Mark Tarry
created an issue

When merging a pull-request, via the Bitbucket REST API, if no body is provided then the original close_source_branch value (on the PR) is both ignored, and overwritten.

According to the API documentation:

close_source_branch boolean Whether the source branch should be deleted. If this is not provided, we fallback to the value used when the pull request was created, which defaults to False*

Steps to replicate

  • Create a pull-request, and specify close_source_branch
{   ...
    "close_source_branch": true
  • Retrieve the pull request - confirm that close_source_branch is still true
  • Merge the PR, without a request body
  • Retrieve the pull request

Expected: close_source_branch is still true, and the source branch was closed after the merge was completed

Actual: close_source_branch is overwritten to be false, and the source branch remains open after the merge was completed

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  1. Mark Tarry reporter


    I've confirmed that if the merge request contains a body - which repeats the original close_source_branch value - then the PR works as expected.

        "close_source_branch": true
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