Do not retain admin privilege for repo created for a team

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Aljosha Papsch created an issue

Scenario: I'm part of a team in a group with admin permission. I'm creating a private repository with the team as owner.

Result: I'm added to the repo user list with admin permission. This becomes a problem once I'm leaving the team. I'll be removed from any groups, with the intention of revoking all access to team repositories. But I'll retain admin privileges for any repo created by myself for that team. If I created 180 repos, the remaining admins will have to open the settings page of all 180 repos and remove me from the user list.

What would I expect: If I'm creating a repo with the team as owner, I should not be added to the repo user list at all.

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  1. jarredcolli(public) staff

    Hey @Aljosha Papsch thanks for the suggestion. We're doing some work on permissions this year and I think we will address this specific problem as part of a shift towards a new content-container called a Workspace. Keep an eye out for this in the next few months.

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