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Jason Rooks
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Since my initial account creation with atlassian our company has changed our email format. I now have two accounts. The original one "" and the new one "".

The issue is now that we are using Atlassian's Managed Accounts I can no longer login with since my ADFS username is It seems to be causing me issues in bitbucket.

Are you able to merge into so I just have the one account? I would just deactivate and delete but it probably has a log of history within all you different systems (Atlassian Support, Atlassian Licenses, Bitbucket, etc.).

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  1. Antony Bineesh

    Similar situation with me as well. But here it was not the issue of format. Two email addresses itself. I was asked to use my gmail, whereas I had my atlassian account already created with my organisations email ID. Now I have two accounts, one if for bibucket and another is for all other atlassian products. And now I am asked to move every information from gmail account to the organisations account.

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