Allow people to reject being added to a repository

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Marco Massenzio
created an issue

Having started using Bitbucket very early on, I was able to "score" the marco account. That is a source of pride most of the time.

Unfortunately, people are either careless, or incompetent, or just plain stupid, and keep adding me to their repositories, some of them containing proprietary, confidential source code - and there is no way to either refuse, or at least contact them and tell them I'm the wrong guy.

I'm sure this keeps happening to a lot of other folks too - and it's deeply annoying.

The only way I found is to create a PR and tell them - and, even that, sometimes gets ignored (which fills me with the urge of pushing a major git rm -rf . commit which I've been able to resist thus far, but who knows how long for yet)

Please consider some mechanism by which those of us who know what we're doing are able to communicate to those less fortunate than us; or at least, to turn down misguided additions.


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