Gate-Keeper Builds for Pull Requests (PR)

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Tom Klingenberg created an issue

In reference to the clarification gained in I would love support for re-triggering pull request builds when the target branch changes so that the PR pipeline result is always on par w/ the merge product the PR would result in.

According to Aneita Yang this is not yet possible and next step regarding this would be creating a feature request, which I'm doing here right now. As it's my first one, please excuse if I pressed some wrong buttons or selected inappropriate values. Also please ask any additional questions.

For completeness I also attached that discussion thread from the reference as PDF.

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  1. Aneita Yang staff
    • changed status to open

    Hi @vicampotk,

    Thanks for taking the time to raise this feature request. I can definitely see why this would be a useful feature to have inside Bitbucket.

    We currently don't have plans to support this any time soon, however I'll open this ticket in the meantime to get a better understanding for how many users are interested in seeing this functionality.


  2. Tom Klingenberg reporter

    Hi @aneita,

    thanks for your feedback, next to the useful part of the request I can imagine it comes with some caveats. Question would be if it is possible to fire an API command to trigger something like this so to create / play with it on our own within the infrastructure of the Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud product? E.g. "API Hooks" next to webhooks (which might already exists) so to fire project/repository internal API requests on events.

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