Chat notification for "pipeline fixed" not firing on PR update

Issue #17936 open
Daniel Marcolesco
created an issue

We have two parallel steps that run on every PR for repository:

            - parallel:
                - step:
                    name: PHP_CodeSniffer
                        - composer
                        - composer install --prefer-source --no-interaction --dev
                        - vendor/bin/phpcs --report=junit --report-file=test-results/phpcs.xml .
                - step:
                    name: ESLint
                        - node
                        - npm i --no-shrinkwrap
                        - npm run prod

On repository, I set up Slack chat notifications for "pipeline failed" and "pipeline fixed" to a particular channel, repository-wide. After pushing code to artificially trigger a pipeline failure, the notification appeared in Slack immediately after the pipeline failed. However, when pushing code to fix the failures, the pipeline completed but I did not receive a Slack notification.

I read the docs for chat notifications here, which describe "pipeline fixed" as "a successful completion after a failed attempt":

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