Activity Feed, updated comments in large organizations (New PR experience view)

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Jesse Yowell created an issue

In larger organizations, it becomes a bit harder to browse activity based on updated pull requests, and extremely large activity feeds. The problems are as follows:

  1. New PR experience removes the Activity feed tab. Large organizations sometimes depend on this for updates.

  2. In large pull requests, the truncated activity feed often will miss something that came in via e-mail. If someone commented on the diff view, then this comment will be lost by the time the pull request gets updated. Going to the affected file in the new right pane doesn't seem to have any comments associated with it.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Thanks for the feedback and for trying out the new experience!

    Rest assured, the current version of the activity feed in the new pull request experience is not the final version. Before making the experience generally available, we plan to add

    • the ability to view all activity items (not just the most recent 10)
    • the ability to click on activity feed items to navigate to (or view, in the case of "prior comments") and respond to comments

    I do want to mention one thing:

    Going to the affected file in the new right pane doesn't seem to have any comments associated with it.

    If a file has changed since a comment was left, the comment will be moved to the "prior comments" section. There should be a button such as "3 prior comments" in the file header that lets you view and respond to these comments. However, if a file is no longer visible in the diff (i.e. it has been deleted), those comments will not be visible until we make the changes described above. Stay tuned!

    For now, during the beta period, the best way to provide feedback about the new experience is via the "Feedback" button in the right sidebar. We will use this public issue tracker to track bugs once the new experience is generally available, but for now we won't be keeping issues open on this tracker. That is why I am closing this issue for now.

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