User who push back to repositories receive an error *You are currently connecting with your team account.*

Issue #17955 open
Mohammad Syahrul
staff created an issue

The user that use https to push back to repositories is getting an error:

remote: Warning!        
remote: You are currently connecting with your team account.        
remote: This is no longer supported, so please connect using your user account. 

This occurs because the team account repositories are using GitAuthProxy to generate an access token for team account which is going to be deprecated soon and causes the above error. However, if the user is pushing using https it can be ignored as the change is still being made even with the error.

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  1. Graham Gatus staff

    Hi @Mohammad Syahrul, I've raised this issue with Bitbucket - they have an internal ticket to investigate. If the repository a pipeline is being executed against is nested under a team account, then the OAuth credentials used when cloning the repository and performing any git operations via the auth proxy will be that of the team account, causing this message to be shown. The plan is to suppress this message for OAuth tokens obtained via connect/JWT, whilst we wait for first class support for Bot accounts in the near future.

    For anyone experiencing this warning, it can be safely ignored. I'll update this issue with further information when its available.

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