PR for a forked repo automatically defaults to upstream in the original untracked repo and not the tracked fork remote.

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Cordell Barron
created an issue

Hello, I think this is a bug.

We have a forked a private repo and the codebase has diverged, However when a PR is created in the fork for merging with upstream, the PR automatically defaults to merge with develop branch of the original (untracked) repo. git remote -v with Repo2 correctly lists only Repo2 remote being tracked, and does not list Repo1 being tracked.


Repo1 is forked into a new repo called Repo2.
Changes made to Repo2 and then creating a PR to merge with Repo2/develop automatically defaults to Repo1/develop. It should be Repo2/develop.

This is confirmed as not intended since git remote -v correctly dipslays tracking for origin/Repo2 and not Repo1, yet it still defaults to Repo1 in the PR.

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