Adding new versions/milestones via API (BB-3643)

Issue #1796 closed
Sebastian Rahlf
created an issue

In my workflow it would help me a great deal if I could add new versions via the API. For instance, If I have tagged a new version of my software, I could simply implement a {{{post-outgoing}}} hook to take care of this automatically.

Proposed endpoints:

GET /repositories/:username/:repo_slug/versions/ Gets all versions of a single single repository

POST /repositories/:username/:repo_slug/versions/ Creates a new version

PUT /repositories/:username/:repo_slug/versions/ Updates an existing version.

DELETE /repositories/:username/:repo_slug/versions/ Deletes an existing version.

Comments (8)

  1. Patrick Selge

    Thats a really useful feature, that I'm missing as well. I'm building an Alfred script and recognized that this feature is missing. Not for my Alfred project but for any post_commit script that I'll ever build.

    Hope it's getting done in the near future since it would complete the great bitbucket experience.

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