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Issue #1797 resolved

Inbox (1) (BB-801)

created an issue

if i log in, i see the Inbox field. i have no new messages - thats ok. but if i go to a friends repository (by mouse-over the "Repositories", and choose the bottom repository), i will be redirected to the wiki (which is good too), but then i see "Inbox (1)". if i click the inbox, there are no messages (and it shows "Inbox" again - so no (1) or something)

am i doing something wrong, or is this really a strange bug?

btw - the "Inbox (1)" is showed in all the repository's tabs, so not just on the wiki site, but at none of the other sites (eg. this reporting-site)


Comments (6)

  1. Michael Ziegler

    Same here. I deleted two messages without reading them before, now when I'm in any repo (not only those of a friend) it says "Inbox (2)", but when I click on the inbox it only says "Inbox" again.

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