Push back to your repository: Team account warning

Issue #18009 resolved
Marko Kirves
created an issue

I'm seeing the error below when following steps documented in Push back to your repository support document.

remote: Warning!        
remote: You are currently connecting with your team account.        
remote: This is no longer supported, so please connect using your user account.        

Adding new tags this way still seems to work.

I'm trying to understand if this is going to break at some point or not or if the message I'm seeing is just a false positive error.

Can you update the documentation if this is no longer supported?

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  1. Graham Gatus staff

    Hi @Marko Kirves, this is a known issue, cause by the way Bitbucket Pipelines authenticates with Bitbucket when a pipeline is executed in a repo that belongs to a team account, and can be ignored. We have an internal ticket to track this.

  2. Marko Kirves reporter

    I can confirm this has been working so far, but I just wanted to make sure it doesn't suddenly break as this was the recommend method in your documentation for this very same use case where I'm tagging my builds and pushing back tags.

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