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Issue #1801 resolved

Newsfeed caching(?) issues

Mikhail Korobov
created an issue

Sometimes new events in newsfeed (commits, comments, etc) are shown, and after page refresh they aren't. Events that happen 1 hour ago can be visible but events 5 hours-old can be invisible and after page refresh things may change again: some 5 hours-old events becomes visible, recent updates become invisible.

This can lead to situation in which it is easy to miss some updates. Consider the following scenario: there are a lot of recent updates that are visible and a few not-so-recent updates that are invisible. Even if not-so-recent updates will become visible I won't see them on first pages so it's easy to miss some updates. That's why the newsfeed becomes less useful after the bitbucket infrastructure changes: one can't rely on it to have recent information. I think it should be fixed regardless of performance issues because the main purpose of newsfeed is to stay in touch with followed repositories and tickets and that becomes hard to achieve with this bug.