Ability to edit scheduled pipeline and to see full name of scheduled pipeline

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Gabriel Marcolino
staff created an issue

1) I can create a scheduled pipeline but not edit or update it. There is no mention about editing or updating existing schedules in the documentation. Please update the documentation to say this is not supported yet, and then implement a way to edit existing schedules. It seems silly to delete and re-create a schedule just to change when it runs.

2) When creating a new Schedule the UI says the time is in "Local Time" AND it says the time is in "UTC". In practice, it runs (or translates) at Local Time. Please update the UI removing conflicting information UTC vs. Local Time. Also, it's my opinion it should absolutely be UTC in the UI.

3) When viewing existing pipelines, the UI does not show the full name of the pipeline so that multiple scheduled pipelines look exactly the same. Which one do I enable or disable? Which one do I delete? Who knows because you can't edit it to see which one it actually is.

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  1. Jonathan Lowsley

    caches, pipelines, etc. are all configured through bitbucket-pipelines.yml. Why not make Schedules also configurable via this codified method? Schedules already need a branch argument when creating through GUI. Putting a schedule under branches: in bitbucket-pipelines.yml could have the same affect. Since the schedule is tied to the branch the only bitbucket-pipelines.yml file version that is used to define the schedule for the branch is the version of that file at the HEAD of that branch. i.e changes to develop schedules on master branch have no affect.

          - schedule:
              pipeline: custom: run-some-pipeline
              cronexpression: '0 10 * * *' # daily at 10 UTC (or between 10UTC and 11UTC)
          - schedule:
              pipeline: branch: develop
              cronexpression: '0 * * * *' # hourly
          - schedule:
              pipelines: custom: run-another-pipeline
              cronexpression: '0 3 * * 4' # weekly on Thursday at 03 UTC (or between 03UTC and 04UTC)
          - step:
                - foocache
              - run something
              - run something else

    In the cron expression values are 'minute hour dayofmonth month dayofweek'. minute only accepts '0' (but means "any time in the hour"), hour accepts '0-23', DOM/month only accept '*', DOW accepts '0-6'

  2. Aneita Yang staff

    Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion.

    I can see why the ability to edit scheduled pipelines and to see the full name of the scheduled pipeline would be useful functionality to have.

    Regarding the distinction between UTC and local time, this is unlikely to be something that we change. Displaying times in the local time for the user is much more friendly and understandable - users are unlikely to know what a specific time in UTC translates to in their local time and this is adding unnecessary complexity for the user.

    @Jonathan Lowsley, we also want to ensure that creating scheduled pipelines is an easy thing to do for our users - creating schedules using cron expressions within the YML isn't the most intuitive and it's hard for users to easily know whether they've configured the right schedule. If this is something that you feel strongly about, I encourage you to create a new issue so that we can track that request separately.

    Given the unlikeliness of us changing local time to UTC in the UI, I'm going to rename this ticket and modify the description to focus more on the ability to edit scheduled pipelines and to see the full name in the UI for easy distinction.

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