Can I hide Test environment from Deployments?

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We dropped support of Test environment; left only Staging & Production. Still Test is visible on Deployments page and looks confusing.

I expected it to vanish after I merge new pipelines config into master, but it did not happen. Is there a way to hide it?

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  1. Aneita Yang

    Hi @Sasha,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    This is something that we plan to support as part of issue #13676. Supporting more flexible environments is a multi-phased project, and as part of it, we hope to have the ability to removed unused environments by May of this year. I encourage you to watch issue #13676 for updates if it's something that you're interested in.


  2. Adam Perry

    This does not appear to be a duplicate of #13676. It simply is asking for a way to remove stages that are not needed. #13676 os resolved and does not offer the functionality requested here.

    (We just hit this problem too - we have been evaluating bitbucket pipelines and now are lumbered with an unwanted Test deployment stage)

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