My profile image doesn't show up

Issue #1805 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Here is my profile image url:

And response: {{{


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Error> <Code>NoSuchKey</Code> <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key>c/photos/2010/Mar/26/profil_avatar.gif</Key <RequestId>4A6167CBEA9BF7BD</RequestId> <HostId>mDO58IXHLuQSVQyChCLMJTEUJ3i9XGGihLb7mTwWei+L6dz/SVm5E7aK5IV5opGP</HostId> </Error> }}}

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  1. Anonymous

    I got the same problem (and I guess everyone?). It seems that the image URL has the _avatar suffix to the image filename, while it stored with the original filename, i.e. without the _avatar

  2. Murray Crane

    By way of a work-around, and I'm not too sure the BBO team will be impressed with me for noticing, but if you take your chosen avatar, rename it <blah>_avatar.<ext> and upload that, then immediately after upload <blah>.<ext>, you'll get your avatar despite the outstanding error reported.

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