OpenID, but password is required for repository deletion (BB-489)

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Magnus Hoff
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//Edit:// It should be unnecessary to remember a password when I am using OpenID.

I'm looking for a way to delete a repository without the burden of having a password to remember for bitbucket. A satisfactory solution would be to have a one-time verification password sent as part of a deletion request. Alternatively a verification email with a link I would need to follow.

Specifically: Suggesting a password reset will not solve this issue.

//Original text://

I want to delete a repository. It requires me to enter my password for verification. Because I have only used OpenID for login, I do not have a password to enter here.

I found a related issue: <<issue 1803>>

The resolution here seems to be "acquire a password". I don't want one, and that's why I chose to use OpenID in the first place.

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  1. Magnus Hoff reporter
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    @Mehmet Catalbas: Hi :) I'd appreciate a comment about why you chose to mark this as a duplicate. These are two different issues:

    • #1803 boils down to the fact that some guy is unable to login using his username and password that he recently acquired by resetting the password.
    • This ticket boils down to me not wanting to have a password for deleting a repository.

    I don't quite see that a resolution to either of these is automatically a resolution to the other.

  2. Magnus Hoff reporter
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    Mehmet: That is not a duplicate. Please re-read this issue.

    I use OpenID so I don't have to keep track of a new passoword for each site I am using. Deleting of repositories ruins this on bitbucket.

    A satisfactory solution would be to get a one-time password (that I don't have to remember/keep) mailed automatically when I want to delete a repository.

    If you insist on not fixing this issue, close it as "wontfix". That's the honest way.

  3. Mehmet Catalbas
    • changed status to open

    Now I can see your point Magnus, thanks for explaining it, and I agree that the workaround we have in place is not the nicest one.

    We'll take this into account, I am leaving this issue open.

  4. Moritz Wilhelmy

    Can I get a comment on the wontfix? :)

    OpenID is indeed intended to replace usual password authentication, thus requiring password authentication for some things (renaming a user, also deleting a repo it seems) defeats the purpose of OpenID.

  5. Pravin Paratey

    Do the devs have a solution on how I can delete my repository?

    Update: I figured it out. If you hit forgot password on the log in page, you will get an email which will allow you to set your new password.

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