Documentation regarding the change to isolate containers with a user namespace

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Eric Fedok
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As per:

We had an issue that was caused by a change made in pipelines: *Our team had enabled a security feature on the docker daemons to isolate containers with a user namespace. This update may have affected the build that you're experiencing now. For more info about the update:

We're currently working on a documentation that will guide you and your team to fix the build. Once the documentation is ready, we will update it on our infrastructure page and send an email to account's administrators.

Infrastructure changes in Bitbucket Pipelines

Once the update is out, you and your team will have a few weeks to make the changes before we enable the feature on your account.*

We are still waiting for the documentation to be updated here:

Please advise when this will be done

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  1. Aneita Yang

    Hi @Eric Fedok,

    Thanks for reaching out. We're currently tracking everything to do with the user namespace remapping on issue #17319. Nathan's comment on that issue outlines some limitations of the remap. You can take a read of his comment for more information.

    I'm going to close this issue off as a duplicate of issue #17319 so that we can update the single ticket when we have all the information documented for users. I encourage you to watch that issue for updates on our progress.


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