Parameter validation failed: Unknown parameter in containerDefinitions[0]: "secrets" on atlassian/pipelines-awscli:latest image

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Rodolfo O. Rico Jr. created an issue

Good day.

I'm sorry if this is not the correct place where should I submit this issue.

I am deploying AWS ECS using bitbucket pipeline through atlassian/pipelines-awscli image with AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store configurations. You may refer to this documentation for complete details.

Upon registering task definition an error occured:

Parameter validation failed: Unknown parameter in containerDefinitions[0]: "secrets", must be one of: name, image, repositoryCredentials, cpu, memory, memoryReservation, links, portMappings, essential, entryPoint, command, environment, mountPoints, volumesFrom, linuxParameters, hostname, user, workingDirectory, disableNetworking, privileged, readonlyRootFilesystem, dnsServers, dnsSearchDomains, extraHosts, dockerSecurityOptions, interactive, pseudoTerminal, dockerLabels, ulimits, logConfiguration, healthCheck, systemControls

The parameter "secrets" should be accepted based on the documentation. Is atlassian/pipelines-awscli image outdated?. If it is, kindly update it to the latest AWS CLI version.


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  1. rodolfo rico

    Sorry but I can't test it right now. I moved the variables on the pipeline.

    What is the AWS CLI version install on atlassian/pipelines-awscli:latest?

    If it is on the latest version, then we can close this issue.

    I'm sure it will work if it is in the latest version.

  2. Tobias Knothe

    Just tested this and can confirm it works perfectly. Thanks for attending to this so quickly!

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