Issue #18079 closed
Ana Retamal created an issue

When trying to add users to a repository, some users will not show up in the list although they have valid Bitbucket accounts.

Steps to reproduce

h1. Go to<username>/<reponame>/admin/access. h2. In the user field, start typing a username or email address.

Expected result

The username you're looking for will show up in a list so it can be selected.

Current results

Some users that have been verified to have a Bitbucket Cloud account don't appear on that list. However, if you type the whole username and press enter, the user will be added to your repository.

Comments (4)

  1. Amber Van Hecke staff

    Hello Ana, I agree the functionality is strange - however, note in the coming weeks we will be updating the user pickers to only show usernames of people that have some form of access to the account. If the username doesn't appear then the email address has to be used. Since this change will fix the above mentioned issue, I am going to close this ticket.

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