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Mark Cerezo
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Some customers are using LFS in the repository and they want to save space issues when frequently updating an existing LFS object/file.

Currently, what they're doing is to LFS prune their local copy of their repository.

However, for LFS remote, they will need to manually delete the updated object/file each time it was updated.

It's best if we can have an option for users to be able to prune their LFS remote so that there's no need for them to find then remove each file (in LFS) that was updated.

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  1. sergan

    Thanks! I found that page not long after I posted the question and did started using bitbucket's LFS management tool to delete the accidental files, however since I have to git log every file I want to delete to ensure it has no references from any commits, it became clear that this was going to be a very long, manual process. I accidentally committed easily hundreds of files. Sitting here deleting these files 1 by 1 is really not a great solution. I really hope there will be better tools for managing LFS in future
    Spankbang Beeg

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