Pipeline failing, documentation unclear on resolution

Issue #18117 resolved
Josh Loew
created an issue

Screenshot from 2019-02-07 10-25-19.png

Our pipeline recently started failing with the error message seen in the screenshot. It is unclear what exactly this error means, and the documentation doesn't do a great job of describing what the clone-dept option is or how it will resolve the problem.

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  1. Linette Voller

    Hi Joshua, thanks for letting us know about this. We're going to update this message to point specifically to the part of the docs that talks about this, and I've made some changes to the entry to try and make it more clear.

    In a nutshell, to try and speed up the process of copying your repository into the step container, we limit how many commits we copy over. By default that's 50. The message you are getting suggests that there have been more commits recently than your depth setting (can happen if you are re-running a pipeline when your team have been very active in the repo). Hope that helps!

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