Evolve Mercurial extension: obsolescence markers not exchanged with https

Issue #18150 resolved
Pierre Augier created an issue

I'd love to be able to use the evolve extension. It seems that it should work: https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/6710/enable-exchange-of-obsolete-evolve-markers so I tried to enable its use in Bitbucket Labs ("Enables Mercurial evolution support").

However, the obsolescence markers are not sent in the remote repository in Bitbucket.

See https://bitbucket.org/paugier/repo_test_evolve_fork

I use the most recent versions of mercurial and hg-evolve, installed with pip2 install mercurial hg-evolve -U --user.

hg --version
Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 4.9)

python2 -c "import hgext3rd.evolve as e; print(e.__version__)"

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  1. Gary Sackett staff

    Hi Everyone,

    This should be working as of today for HTTPS now, as we have evolve turned back on. Please let us know if you hit any roadblocks.


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