Markdown: Bitbucket issue-tracker CSS causes inline backticked code to appear above regular font baseline

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Inlined bits of code set off using a backtick (`) currently render above the baseline of the regular fonts. This is particularly obvious when inline code-snippets appear within strikethrough (~~) text, making it clear where the normal text's center-line actually resides when compared with the backticked characters.

This problem is visible in both Chrome and Firefox (tested versions 72.0.3626.109 and 60.5.1esr respectively).

Per the page-inspector, the CSS responsible for this is found in defaults.less by assigning a padding-bottom value using the two-value padding shorthand:

code, tt {
padding: 1px 3px;
/* ... */

The attached image shows how Firefox renders this markup/markdown code:

1. Code: ~~Create a point-and-shoot style function for reevaluating specific `observation` records and their details.~~ DONE as of 1c369e4

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