'Copy to clipboard' option for clone command does not work in Chrome

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Theodora Boudale
staff created an issue


If you enable 'New source browser experience', then open the 'Source' page of a repo in Bitbucket and select the button 'Clone', the option to 'copy to clipboard' the command for cloning is not working in Chrome.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open Chrome and log in to Bitbucket
  2. Go to Bitbucket Labs and make sure that 'New source browser experience is enabled'
  3. Open the 'Source' page of one of your repos
  4. Select the 'Clone' button at the top right of the page
  5. Select the 'copy to clipboard' button, next to the Git command for cloning

Expected Results

The button should copy the command so you can paste it in command line

Actual Results

The button does not work in Chrome


I have tested with the latest version of Chrome, both Windows and Mac, also tried the Incognito Mode. This button works as expected in Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

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