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Mirco Babin - Trip Software created an issue

Dear Bitbucket,

I'm using DeployHQ to automate deployments. I have pasted the SSH key generated by DeployHQ in my Bitbucket.

But it is not at all clear to me, which rights I have granted to DeployHQ with adding this SSH key. I'm guessing DeployHQ can now access all repositories (private and public) I have access to. And DeployHQ can make a commit or other changes via the SSH key under my name.

It would be great if a SSH key can be restricted: 1) To ONE repository 2) To be READONLY

Kind regards, Mirco Babin

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  1. Mirco Babin - Trip Software reporter

    Ok, I just found out, that under repository settings there are also ACCESS KEYS which already do what I wanted.

    So just ignore this Request.

    (Maybe under account, an additional text can be shown:

    This SSH key is for personal access. External readonly access to a repository can be set via Access keys of the repository. )

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