Provide an option to avoid an unexpected change in repository access owned by Team account

Issue #18240 resolved
Kenta Yamamoto staff created an issue

Problem Definition

Currently, a user is able to add anyone on Bitbucket to Users at "User and group access" on repository settings, which can cause an unexpected change.

Screenshot 2019-02-27 16.21.50.png

Suggested Solution

Give an option to Team account which can avoid an accidental change such as:

  • a config to restrict adding a non-Team member to Users access
  • a config to enforce specifying access only by Group


Do not to give admin access to an uncontrollable number of people in your team, and make sure to specify access by Team group.
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At the moment, we can't set an ETA for this feature to be released, since there's a number of factors that determine how our product team prioritizes new features.
You can learn more by reading Implementation of New Features Policy.

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