Update npm install to npm ci and update predefine cache

Issue #18243 open
Mohammad Syahrul staff created an issue

npm ci is much faster than npm install, but it uses a different predefined cache. So the user is asking if we can support new predefined cache for npm ci.

  • npm ci makes builds reproducable, npm install with a node_modules cache can sometimes leave node_modules in a non deterministic state
  • Fresh install of npm ci is faster than npm install
  • npm ci with a npm cache and no node_modules is as fast as npm install with node_modules

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  1. aneita staff
    • changed status to open

    Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion.

    Given our current priorities, it's unlikely that we'll support this anytime soon. However, I'll open this ticket to gauge the interest of other users in seeing the same thing.

    In the meantime, you can configure your own caches (instead of relying on a pre-defined cache from Pipelines).


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