Show more button not working

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flashbot created an issue

"Show More" aka 3 vertical dots:: for getting into user access control, is not working.
Sometime it works and most of the time doesn't work.
Nothing happens after pressing the button.
In Inspect-->Console error showing : "Offsets separated by white space(s) are deprecated, use a comma (,) instead."

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  1. Rulu Lu


    I can confirm this.

    In the video above, you can see that the "Show more" button doesn't do anything. However, if I drag the border of the panel to expand it, you can see there is actually one more icon "settings" hidden there. This is a serious issue for me, because it stopped me from accessing the whole settings function. It's really not obvious to find out we can open the panel by dragging it. Please fix this, thanks!

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