bitbucket interface is horribly slow

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Marcin Lulek
created an issue


BB is very very slow for me, when i log in and my dashboard is generated it very often takes 30-60s to just load.

Also site is non responsive often.

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  1. Jesper Noehr
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    I've been away for 3 weeks, and there has been some issues in my absence. I'm back now, and I'm working on making everything faster (as you know.)

    Just needed a small vacation. :)

  2. leo.wandersleb

    i don't see this as resolved. bb is slow and always has been slow as hell. if i ever turn my back to bb it is due to this so please don't declare "bb is slow" to be resolved as it implies you are not planning to do anything about it.

    please do speed tests using JS-events. When is the site completely rendered? It doesn't help to know that the server is delivering in 20ms for 99% if the client takes 10s to show anything at all as the last 1% is needed to render. if the newsfeed is slowing things down then defer this using ajax. most time i don't care about this feed at all but not knowing i should avoid sites with the feed makes me run into this pit-fall again and again.

    my speed-test: as a maintainer of glob2 i click through the forks from time to time. now i opened in new tabs both and fede took 10s to load. zenfur 30s. on the second try it was almost exactly the same. a totally white screen makes the customer look elsewhere and 30s is a lot of time to search for alternative hostings ;)

  3. Lennart Kolmodin

    I agree in BB being slow.

    Pages are far too often slow to load, push and pull can take ages too. Maybe it depends on when on the day I browse, but it seems very unpredictable as it's sometimes quite snappy too.

    But, I keep getting Service Temporarily Unavailable when I browse, and timeouts when I try to add new issues to my private projects.

    I can come back with exact numbers instead of this hand waving, if required.

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