Why does it say "JIRA try" when I already have a JIRA account??!?!

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Jerald Chau
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Hi, I have a JIRA account and need it integrated with Bitbucket but in the attached image (bottom left) it says "JIRA try".


Please integrate my Bitbucket with JIRA so I can jump between the two apps.

Thank you

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  1. Patrick Fowler

    I was following the instructions from the docs wiki with these two articles: 1. https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiracloud/getting-started-with-bitbucket-and-jira-cloud-776830280.html 2. https://confluence.atlassian.com/bitbucket/connect-bitbucket-cloud-to-jira-software-cloud-814190686.html

    But still I see the "try". I'm guessing Bitbucket isn't fully integrated into the atlassian cloud yet (eg: Bitbucket accounts are fully independent from your Jira/Confluence accounts as managed from http://yoursite.atlassian.net/home )

  2. Martin Jopson

    In some scenarios there are unfortunately some inconsistencies, the current workaround would be to logout and back in again for your Jira instance.

    The team is aware of this issue and will work towards a resolution.


    Martin, Bitbucket PM

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