Create an early-access API for testing new features

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Leonardo Montiel staff created an issue

As per the title, this feature request is to add a beta API for changes such as the ones described in this documentation: and

Unfortunately, as of now, there's no way to test changes that will happen on the future for the API.

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  1. Phil Rittenhouse

    Basically I'm looking for a way to smooth the transition from the current APIs to the new one.

    Perhaps it would be even simpler to just call your new version of the 2.0 API, 2.1. You could roll it out today as and people could migrate to it now and start using it today. After your April/June deadline, both the 2.0 and 1.0 API URLs would stop working, but everyone who had migrated to 2.1 would see no impact.

  2. Jarred Colli

    Hey @Phil Rittenhouse, we're working on this now, and should have something out in a week or two!

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