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Brian Adams created an issue

BitBucket, I'm confused. This has worked for several months. Today it fail on a check in...

Here is the config:

This is a sample build configuration for JavaScript.

Check our guides at for more examples.

Only use spaces to indent your .yml configuration.


You can specify a custom docker image from Docker Hub as your build environment.

image: node:8.9.4

pipelines: default: - step: name: Angular Build caches: - node script: # Modify the commands below to build your repository. - npm install - mkdir wwwrootadmin - npm install -g @angular/cli - ng build --prod - apt-get update

What the heck can I put here that tell this to not look for Jessie files and where can I go to read and REALLY understand what is happening here and what are my choices.

Thanks, AM

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  1. Aneita Yang

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    As @ashish-cnc mentioned, in order to fix this issue, you will need to update the Docker image you are using in your build. For example, if you are using Python:3.5.1, you now need to use a currently supported tag such as 3.5.7 or 3.7.2.

    Given this is an issue outside of Pipelines, I'm going to close this ticket. If you have any other questions, or for more information, check out our Community post.

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