Pipeline errors on apt-get update

Issue #18421 resolved
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Facing pipeline deployment issue on apt-get update

Failed to Fetch -


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  1. Aneita Yang

    Thanks for reaching out.

    There have recently been some changes to the apt mirrors that have affected several Docker images, some of which you might be running in Bitbucket Pipelines.

    In order to fix this error, you will need to update the Docker image you are using in your build. For example, if you are using Python:3.5.1, you now need to use a currently supported tag such as 3.5.7 or 3.7.2. Details of why this error is occurring are noted here: https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2019/03/msg00006.html

    Given this is an issue outside of Pipelines, I'm going to close this ticket. If you have any other questions, or for more information, check out our Community post.

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