Specify commits comments that should automatically skip ci

Issue #18446 new
Leonardo Montiel staff created an issue

Today in Pipelines it's not possible to specify a string that Pipelines will look for to skip (or run) a build on any circumstance, and this is what this feature request is asking for.

Not to be confused with the [skip ci] flag, this feature request is asking for the ability to specify on the Pipelines YML which commits should not run a build, by specifying its commit message on the YML.

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  1. Guillermo Narvaja

    Just to remark, the reason of this request is to avoid the build running on "Close branch" commits, that are made automatically when PRs are merged. Another alternative to fix this problem is to be able to configure the close commit message, if instead of "Close branch <branch-name>", the message can be configured to "Close branch <branch-name> [skip ci]" this will solve the problem too.

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