Preview of strip command is problematic

Issue #1846 resolved
Andreas Loupasakis
created an issue

This occurred in one of my private repos, I don't have tested it explicitly, but I think this is a common problem.

Steps : 1. Choose to strip a changeset on a branch which does not include the "tip". 2. Go to Admin (click Repo management) 3. Type the changeset number or hashid to the text box and submit it. 4. Next screen will show the preview of changesets which are going to be stripped. There are more changesets than these should be there! 5. Verify the action with the password. 6. Look at the result ... the action behaves correctly, by stripping the appropriate changesets. So the problem is on step 4. (The preview of stripped changesets is buggy)

I hope this is helpful ;)

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  1. Erik Wright

    I can confirm that I also saw this behaviour.

    1. I had two heads.
    2. I chose to strip the non-tip one (which happened to be a merge).
    3. There were two changesets newer than the stripped revision (neither being a descendant of the stripped revision). # Both were erroneously listed in the strip confirmation page as revisions that would be deleted.
    4. I performed the strip anyway and it behaved as expected (not stripping the two newer non-descendant revisions).
  2. Brodie Rao

    I've pushed a fix for this today. The preview of revisions to strip are based on the topological descendants of the revision you specify. Prior to this it was just getting striprev:tip and display everything in between.

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