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Ben Buchanan created an issue

When I view https://bitbucket.org/dashboard/repositories there are a number of repos that show in the list that have been deleted (either individually, or the owner accounts have been deleted).

As a result... 1) I can not leave those repos or remove myself as administrator; and 2) I can't filter them out directly

I can work around the issue by filtering to repos I own, but it still seems like a bug that deleted repos can't be removed from the list.

It looks like this happens with repos that were cloned from a repo I was the owner or an admin for at the time; and those permissions were inherited (eg. the various forks of AUI I can see). Which is fine when the repo still exists as I can just go in and remove myself as an admin, or leave the repo. But when the repo is deleted it persists in the list.

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  1. Ben Buchanan reporter

    It's also likely the upstream repo for these cases was renamed or deleted & recreated at some point.

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