Author of pull request showing as reviewer AND author on Bitbucket dashboard

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Jesse Yowell created an issue

When an author creates a pull request and a colleague updates this request, it is possible for the author to show as both the reviewer and author (on the PR author's dashboard) which is a bit of a strange bug.

Here are the steps to achieve this:

  1. User A is POST'ing for a new PR with source branch X to Destination Y, adding user B as a reviewer
  2. Then user C, makes the same pull request POST with source branch X to Destination Y adding user A as a reviewer
  3. The already created PR gets updated, and instead of a new PR created, or error thrown (as a duplicate) the user A now sees the PR on his Bitbucket dashboard in both sections as a PR to review and My Pull requests

(scenario seen in screenshot)

This also changes the behavior on the reviewer's view as well -- they will no longer see "pull requests waiting to review" but will see their view change to see the pull request under My pull requests (even though they are not the author)

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