Improve ahead/behind branch calculation messaging

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Jesse Yowell staff created an issue

Under the branch view, when we calculate the ahead/behind commit count, we sometimes will not display the ahead/behind count immediately. This task is rather expensive, and requires some asynchronous processing our end to complete. While we eventually will show it, we should display some messaging to wait for the processing to complete.

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  1. Sebastian Bengtsson

    My experience is not that the page will re-render after a while when the calculations are done. My experience is that this persists for a few hours, then start working again.

  2. Wesley Vestjens

    We run into this issue a lot. I would suggest not showing the information at all if it is not 100% up-to-date. I was working on a branch a few weeks back and even after 6-7 new commits, none of them were added to the ahead/behind information. I think it took 30-60 minutes before it was updated…

    As we require our branches to be ahead but never behind before merging (as I think most organizations would), I feel like it’s majorly downplayed by being marked as a “minor” bug.

    Since we can still get ahead/behind info locally, the problems it causes are limited, but they’re there nonetheless, our designer/frontenders do not have the proper knowledge to load ahead/behind info on their local machine.

    Please review the priority set for this bug.

  3. Chris Almond

    For people using the GUI, once you’ve done a “merge”, the behind/ahead is incorrect, which means that “sync” is not available. That means that this is not just a visual/information issue - it’s causing functionality to not work.

    If you don’t want to be constantly recalculating this automatically, would it be possible to add the ability to manually force a recalculation? This would allow people to get the up to date information when required?

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